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The new houseJune 1, 2007 01:04 (by RustyBrooks)
So we've moved into our new house and we're getting settled. We're not far from where we used to be (we're now in Pflugerville, another outlying suburb of Austin). We actually have a guest room now (well, sort of, there's a bunch of stuff in it, but we DO have one) so you should come by. Also, there is a hot chicks room upstairs.
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Lots of changesApril 13, 2006 22:33 (by RustyBrooks)
Haven't posted here in a while, naturally. Lots of stuff going on. First, we had a little boy on Dec 23, so he's almost 4mo old now. Quite cute.

Also, I left my job at Placemark and I've taken a job at Lyris Technologies. I'll be moving to Austin way sooner than is comfortable. We're going down there this weekend to see if we can find a house to rent, and we'll be moving as soon afterward as possible. I start on Monday, Apr 24th. If you live in Austin and like me at all, we should hang out.

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Reunions and StuffNovember 19, 2005 08:35 (by RustyBrooks)
So today is my 10th year reunion, for the class of 1995 at TAMS. I can't believe that there is still a post on this page for 2 years ago, the reunion for class on 1993. So I'm going to go to the barbecue thing this afternoon myself, and then go to the dinner thing with my wife tonight. She's 34 weeks pregnant so she'd rather skip standing in the cold talking to people she doesn't know. Go figure.

I was watching Grosse Point Blank again the other day, a movie that came out a year or two after I graduated from TAMS, and is itself about a guy going back to his 10 year high school reunion. It's funny, I view the movie much differently today than I did 10 years ago. I guess I am getting older.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. Sandy is due to have the baby in the last week of December, which ought to make Christmas pretty interesting.

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Yet another addition to the householdJune 8, 2005 15:45 (by RustyBrooks)
This time it is what you're thinking. Sandy and I are going to be parents. Sandy is due to give birth on December 29th of this year. We're pretty excited about it, and have had a hard time keeping it quiet, but, well, that's what you're supposed to do. Anyway, we're announcing it now. She talks about the pregnancy experience a bit at her website
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Another addition to the homeFebruary 9, 2004 23:09 (by RustyBrooks)
And I'm sure it'll come to no surprise to anyone that we just got another lab, this time a boy, probably about 18 months. He was rescued by someone we met who loved him very much but couldn't keep him (she lives in a small apartment and already has a dog and 3 cats).

We just brought him home tonight. He is beautiful and in pretty good shape although too thin. He weighs about 55 pounds, wheras peaches is more like 65 -- even though he probably has 6 or 8 inches on her.

They're getting along fairly well. We introduced them away from the house and then brought both of them back. Was not sure how peaches would react if we just brought another dog in the house. From there we went to the back yard and let them run around. I think they're going to have a great time together. We had to put them in separate rooms for a while. They're not fighting or anything but neither of them will sit down in the same room, they just keep following each other around. We needed some rest...

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Not to be a shill, butDecember 14, 2003 11:24 (by RustyBrooks)
There's a site I've been working on for a while, off and on. The owner of the site, which is, recently decided to go ahead and "launch" the site, although it's arguably not yet complete. The design has not really been done yet, but he wanted to get his christmas catalog online and get people looking at it. Anyway, it looks as good as most map sites out there.

The thing is, I think the stuff he's selling is really neat. You can get some original prints from the 1800s for under $100. I think they'd make great presents. Practically everyone has some connection to some piece of history that you could find a good print of.

Anyway, you should check it out.

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Peaches arrived this weekendDecember 8, 2003 11:23 (by RustyBrooks)

We got our dog, which we named Peaches, on friday and spent much of the weekend getting used to her and vice versa. Surely more to come later, but for now, some pictures.
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New addition to the familyDecember 1, 2003 11:10 (by RustyBrooks)
No, it's not that. We're getting an 8 month old black lab puppy this coming friday. We're very excited about it, and we're getting the house ready. We would have loved to get an 8 *week* old puppy but that's just too much work for us at the moment, and we're gone too much.
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TAMS ReunionOctober 9, 2003 17:01 (by RustyBrooks)
Phred Harris just informed me that TAMS class of 93 is having their 10th reunion on Saturday, October 18th. I figure there may be a few people there that I know (I'm class of 95), so I will probably swing by. You know what this means, though... my 10 year reunion is coming up (in 2 years). I'd better make my millions. And quick.

So I guess it's been about 8 years since TAMS then. That's just nutty. People my brother's age would be graduating this year.

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And we're all moved inOctober 2, 2003 12:11 (by RustyBrooks)
Will says I should update my site to let people know we've moved into our house.

We're still working on unpacking everything, and at the same time, fixing up a few things here and there. The big project at the moment is painting the downstairs half-bath, which is turning out to be a larger project than expected. Let's just say that the wall underneat the wallpaper was not in very good shape... but we expect to finish some time this weekend.

Lots of projects planned in the future of course. People who know us are welcome to come visit whenever they like. We actually even have a guest bedroom now.

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